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CE HOD's Desk

Dr.S.Vinay Kumar, M.Tech., Ph.D.,
Associate Professor & HOD

Without civil engineers, a society could not function: For they are the ones who build our roads, bridges and airports, and ensure that the houses we live in are structurally sound. Civil engineers also design the drains and the water treatment plants that bring running water into our homes.

The work that civil engineers do is not only essential, but also interesting, various and fun. Civil engineers use math and science for their calculations, but also use design and artistic principles to build their structures.

It's a hands-on major in which students work on a variety of design and building projects. Civil engineering majors at NJIT learn to design and build the structures and infrastructures that allow an advanced society to function smoothly. And because of the important work they do, civil engineering graduates are always in great demand. They are also well paid for the work they do.


  • Dr.S.Vinay Kumar, M.Tech., Ph.D.,
  • Associate Professor & HOD
  • Department of CE
  • Aditya College of Engineering

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