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The Department have well equiped laboratories with more than 200 computers with various softwares and equipments relevant for the industry. Each laboratories have 66 sq.m of space as per AICTE norms. The following are the laboratories associated with CSE department.

S No
Name of the Lab
Description of The Lab
English Language Communication Skills Lab
LCD Projectors, Computers, Audio devices
Engineering Chemistry Lab
Well equipped laboratory providing individual cupboards and basic glassware for each student and instruments like Red wood viscometer-I & II, Conductivity meter, Analytical balance (Digital) etc.
Engineering Physics Lab
Spectrometer, Diffracting grating, Sodium vapor lamp, Slit box, Sodium lamp transmitter, Newton ring microscope, Newton ring app-Plano convex lens with stand, Meldis app-electrical tuning fork, beach clamp with pulley and pan, Battery eliminator, Weight box, Sonometer-wooden type, tuning fork, slotted weight, bar magnets, slotted weight, Magnetic field along the axis of a current carrying cal Stewart and gees method-complete set, Verniercalipers, Screwguage, Spirit levels, Rubber hammers, Steel/brass wire, reading lenses, tangent, ammeter, Galvanometer, Travelling microscope, Laser diode, mercury vapor lamp, commutator, Double slit, Single slit
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