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The Department have well equiped laboratories with more than 200 computers with various softwares and equipments relevant for the industry. Each laboratories have 66 sq.m of space as per AICTE norms. The following are the laboratories associated with CSE department.

S No
Name of the Lab
Description of The Lab
Electrical Machines Lab
Control Panel with Rectifier, D.CMotors, D.C Generators, Three point starters, Rheostats, MC type voltmeters, Ammeters Transformers, 1-? Induction motors and 3-? InductionMotors, Synchronous motors, Synchronous Generators, DOL and Star-Delta Starters,1-? and 3-? AutoTransformers ,MI Type voltmeters and Ammeters, Resistive, Lamp loads and Inductive loads
Power Electronics & Simulation Lab
Half wave Rectifier ,Full wave Rectifier ,Parallel Inverter,Series Inverter, Cyclo converter,Chopper Triggering kit,Jone’s Chopper,1-? Transformers ,Rheostats,Resistive loads, MOSFET,IGBT,SCR Firing circuit.PSpice,Matlab Programs,Computers.
Control Systems & Simulation Lab
DC and AC servo meters, P, PD, PID controllers, Dual trace oscilloscope, Synchronous motor, Function Genarator and Regulated power systems.
Electrical Circuits & Simulation Lab
Bread Boards, Decade R,L&C boxes, Voltmeters, Ammeters, Multimeters, CRO, PSPICE software
Electrical Measurement lab
Kelvins Bridge, Schering Bridge, Anderson Bridge, Current Transformer, LVDT trainer, Voltmeters, Ameeters, Wattmeters, Choke coils , Energy meters and Inductive loads.
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