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HOD's Word

Technological advancement has shrunk the world and it is no wonder that at the click of the mouse, one could get the glimpse of their near and dear ones miles away in their drawing rooms Electronics and Communication Engineering has undergone a host of admirable changes, flooding the markets with user friendly contrivances catering to the needs of common man, especially in this 21st century. In view of this, it has been the constant and earnest endeavour of the faculty to prepare the students of ECE, not only to stay academically focused but also brace up to the challenges of the electronics and communication industry, at large.

Novel teaching methods, coupled with intensive laboratory training are imparted to get the best out of everyone. Interactive sessions, conduct of seminars, workshops etc. are the added academic exercises dwelt upon by the Department, in the making of an engineer beyond compare.


Mr.P.Naresh Kumar., M.Tech
HOD, Associate Professor
Department of ECE
Aditya College of Engineering

Email :
Mobile: 9866373432

Area of Interest
Area of Research
Teaching : 9 years
Conferences and Workshops participated / conducted
  • National Conferences Participated - 2
  • National workshops Participated - 6
  • International journals - 2

Mr.P.Naresh Kumar
HOD, Associate Professor
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