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  Aditya College of Engineering
  Valasapalle (post)
  Madanapalle - 517325

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Contact Us

   Dr. S Ramalinga Reddy
   Phone: 9441854711
         Dr. KSMV Kumar
         Phone: 8187898149
     Mr.G Dineshkumar Reddy
     A.O. - H.R.
     Phone: 8187896097
   Department of ME
   HOD (Mechanical)
   Phone: 7416966301
         Department of EEE
         HOD (EEE)
         Phone: 7416863201
     Department of CSE
     HOD (CSE)
     Phone: 7416963501
   Department of ECE
   HOD (ECE)
   Phone: 7416963401
         Department of CE
         HOD (CE)
         Phone: 7416863101
     Department of H&S
     HOD (H&S)
     Phone: 7416873701
   Placement Cell
   Phone: 7416863601
         Phone: 7416948100
     Examination Hall
     Phone: 7416985100
   Rami Reddy
   Admin (Scholarships)
   Phone: 7416963100
         Boys Hostel
         Phone: 7416852100
     Girls Hostel
     Phone: 7416853100
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